PTD How To Beat Cinnabar Gym [EASY WAY] - YouTube

PTD How to Beat Cinnabar Gym the easy way Google Cheat Engine if you dont have it Step 1: Wait for Moltres Step 2: Open Cheat Engine and write in the code 16481 Step 3: Change all of the values to 10 Step 4: Write in the number of your potions Step 5: Use one potion and write in the remaining number of your potitons Step 6: Do it again Step 7: Change it to 200 and freeze it Step 8: Then you will have ulimited potions Step 9: Wait for Entei, then open Cheat Engine and write in 21031 Step 10: Attack Entei once, then you will see that two has changed. Change them both to 10 Step 11: Use potions to hold your pokemon alive until you win NB!! You have to do all this quick! and don't attack Entei/Moltres before you have written the 21031/1648 code!! 16481/21031 is the lifes for Moltres and Entei when they are not damaged! so do not hurt them or this wont work! (after writing in the numbers into cheatengine you can attack them)